Instructions For Making A Simple Skirt - Sewing

A skirt can be as simple as a tube of fabric with elastic on one end so that it stays around your waist. The diameter of the tube has to be approximately twice the size of your waist so that it won't bind around your hips and knees. This kind of skirt with the elastic at the waist probably won't work for a mini-skirt. It works well for a skirt that goes to the knees or below.

In order to make this skirt, you will need a length of fabric, elastic the length of your waist, scissors, two safety pins, needle, thread, and a sewing machine. First sew the seam that creates the tube; make sure the nice side of the fabric is inside the tube and the not so nice side of the fabric is outside. Then for the top part of the skirt, fold about an inch of fabric all around the diameter of the tube--this will make the pocket for the elastic. If your elastic is wider than about a half inch, make the pocket deeper. Sew this pocket, leaving a space of half an inch unsown. Put a safety pin on one end of the elastic and use the pin to help you thread the elastic through the tube. You can use the second safety pin to pin the other end of the elastic to the skirt body so it doesn't go into the tube. When you have the elastic all the way through, use a hand needle and thread and sew the two ends of the elastic together. This creates the waist of your skirt. Turn the skirt right-side-out.

Try the skirt on now to check for length. Pin up a part of the skirt to the correct length. If you have more than about a half inch pinned, then cut off the excess. You can hand sew a hem at this point or you can use the machine to sew a hem. Now there is an easy skirt!

The Caroline Leather Skirt

Small High-waist leather pencil skirt with button and zipper closure. The skirt has zipper back pockets, a slit in front and is constructed from 60% polyurethane, 36% viscose rayon and 4% polyester.